Frequently asked questions

Q. Why use autopeople as our trusted business service provider?

  • We have extensive automotive and associated industry expertise, knowledge and experience built up over the lifetime of the company and beyond.
  • Our approach is not just to offer the same old delivery models but to treat each client and their requirements as unique and individual.
  • We strongly believe that for any work we undertake the initial focus should be clearly on the desired measurable outcome, we are results orientated, it is in our DNA!
  • Our operational structure is flat, we are responsive and flexible, open in our communication with no tiers of management to wade through to talk to a decision maker.
  • We guarantee not to share any of our existing client's business practices with other actual or potential clients, we always avoid situations of conflict of interest.
  • Our results speak for themselves and we genuinely enjoy what we do, working in collaboration with clients.

Q. How long have you been providing services for?

A. Since incorporation as a Limited Company in 1998. However, our Managing Director has worked previously as a Senior Executive head-hunter and Managing/Operations Director in various retail automotive dealer groups. Our consultants and business partners all have relevant subject matter industry experience and knowledge.

Q. Where are you located?

A. We have a central office located in rural North Nottinghamshire providing IT, HR and Accounting support to our employees, consultants and business partners.

Q. Where do your Consultants and Principals work from?

A. Either from, a hot desk regional location or where we prefer to be, within our client’s business. This mode of operation means we do not have large infrastructure or overhead costs to cover which unlike some of our competitors are passed on to their client’s either overtly or covertly in the fees charged.

Q. What is the management structure to support delivery of services and programmes to clients?

A. All proposals and service delivery we commit to will involve the Managing Director during the briefing, contract agreement, delivery and performance review stages, together with a team of relevant expert consultants and/or business partners. For larger programme delivery a client Programme Manager will be appointed in addition to ongoing direct access to the Managing Director. We are strong believers in operating a flat but competent and efficient management support structure to deliver outcomes on behalf of our clients. Quite simply it makes communication direct, accountability transparent and drives down delivery costs to offer a competitive fee structure for either a one off or ongoing project or contract.

Q. Do you operate to a Code of Practice?

A. Yes as follows...

  • To respect confidential information concerning the client's business and not to disclose or permit the disclosure of, or use to our advantage, any such information without the client's prior permission.
  • To undertake assignments and work diligently, impartially and honestly and to ensure a highly professional standard of work at all times.
  • To accept only that work for which we are competent and are able to complete.
  • To ensure that any associates, consultants or sub-contractors engaged to assist with an assignment subscribe to and operate to this Code of Practice.
  • To disclose to the client any commercial or financial interest, or other significant circumstances which might influence the assignment in any way, in particular:
    • Any directorship or controlling interest in any organisation in competition with the client.
    • Any financial interests in services recommended or supplied to the client.
    • Any personal relationship with any individual in the client organisation.
  • To provide the client with a clear written description of services and fees for any proposed work to be undertaken.
  • To maintain effective communications with the client and to supply appropriate written reports and documentation as required on a timely basis.
  • To refrain from inviting any employee of a client to consider alternative employment without the client's prior permission.

Q. Do you offer off the shelf or bespoke business solutions?

A. Where there is a preferred model from the client we will endeavour to use this. However, our preference is a collaborative strategy to include a full in-business intelligence gathering process, thereafter presenting solutions and services based on the information provided, the desired client outcome/performance measures and our own expertise and knowledge.

Q. Are you registered with the Information Commissioner and what Insurance do you have?

A. We are registered and comply with UK Data Protection and Employment Legislation. We carry £10 million of both Public and Employee Liability Insurance, together with £5 million of Indemnity Insurance with Aviva plc.