Quality assurance in training delivery

How does your business measure training and employee development effectiveness?

At autopeople we can offer a wealth of hands-on experience and knowledge on how to fully address the above question; offering your business clear, unambiguous metrics on the actual effectiveness of your training investment both in financial and non-financial terms.

Critical to being able to address this question is to fully understand what the desired specific key performance measures are; and thereafter to measure them vigorously, effectively and most importantly of all objectively, independent of any influence by internal/external parties with a vested interest in showing a positive outcome.

We use diagnostic tools and processes specific to the style and type of training and development delivery, with analysis and reporting designed to meet each client’s specification. There is a strong emphasis on summary dashboard reporting, enhanced with detailed background analysis and suggested interventions and action plans.

If you are an Employer or an organisation responsible for delivering Apprenticeships, then we offer an independent analysis of the programme effectiveness at both a micro and macro level. We very much focus on all the desired delivery model outcomes, way beyond the Ofsted Inspection process which uses the Common Inspection Framework only as the main success measure of programme performance. Our focus has a strong emphasis on the tangible returns for the business at the same time as quality standards.

To explore real opportunities to improve your organisation’s training effectiveness, please feel free to contact us for an initial confidential exploratory meeting.

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