Employee resourcing & outsourcing

Employee Resourcing is defined as a set of interrelated activities that focuses on the recruitment and appropriate deployment of employees within an organisation.

Employee Outsourcing is defined as the activity of an organisation whereby it uses a third-party entity to employ part or all its workforce on a short or long-term basis, minimising risk and costs.

At autopeople we have been working with automotive manufacturers and their dealer networks since 1998, providing recruitment, resourcing and employee outsourcing solutions such as...

Requirement Analysis by working closely with operational management and human resource departments to clearly identify and determine the nature of the employee requirement. This may include situational needs analysis and thereafter job and person specification development.

Recruitment Campaign design and implementation. This is the process where we work with clients to attract quality relevant applicants towards the organisation and where the organisation promotes itself as an attractive workplace to be joining. In simple terms, attracting as wide a pool of relevant applicants as possible by stimulating interest in the job role(s) by using various strategies and channels of promotion and application.

Candidate Selection by a process of selecting one or more candidates from a pool of applicants in accordance with the legal and organisation’s specific requirements. Our objective is to identify the the best talent out of a talent pool of candidates to deliver a strategic fit to the job role and organisation culture. The methods used are usually a combination of research, desk and phone screening, skill, competence, behaviour and personality assessment, together with structured interviewing techniques.

Outsourcing Solutions from a single job role to functional teams in a wide variety of automotive and associated industry circumstances. Examples include Technical Support, Customer Service, Apprentice and Technical Training, Dealer Support Teams, Recruitment Programmes and Graduate Programmes. In certain instances, as part of the service provision Management functions and support Analytical job roles are included.

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